Art Walk painting history

Art Walk~ painting the history of The Palmer Block

In the small town of Tecumseh, Michigan art is a pretty big deal. Every year they have an Art Walk in the streets of the down town. This year I finally got to participate. I worked out a project with a local business to paint a building about to undergo restoration. I decided to paint it both as it was brand new in 1880 and would look when the restoration is completed.

Art Walk painting history building before

Tecumseh’s Art Walk is an interesting concept. Artists can demo as I did, or display and sell their work. Or they can just display in a local business for the evening. Musicians play in the restaurants and pubs, as well as on the street. Shops and businesses stay open late. People wander in and out of the various shops admiring the art, the artists, and musicians. It’s just for a few hours on a Friday night, great to get people down town. All in all, it’s a great evening.

Preliminary Work for Art Walk

Art Walk painting history

I took a few reference photos of the building, did some research and collected more reference photos on line to plan my painting ahead of time. Since much of the initial work really isn’t very interesting to watch, I completed that in the studio earlier in the week to prepare for the evening.

Setting Up in Foundation Realty

Art Walk painting history set up

I set up a small table and easel in the lobby of Foundation Realty for the Art Walk event. Gigi Roberts and Dan Meikle were awesome hosts there, and lots of people came in to watch, talk and visit as I worked.

Art Walk painting history

I got quite a bit further along with the painting during the evening and finished it up in the studio the next week.

Art Walk painting history The Finished Painting: ‘Early Morning Delivery’ 11×14


I framed the work for Dan to display during Promenade, in the Palmer Block building. This one is for sale framed, for $200.00, please contact me if you are interested.




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