Cobb Manor House Portrait

House Portrait Gift

This past summer, Al and I were invited to the wedding of a lovely young couple. It was a very unique wedding and worthy of a unique house portrait gift. I simply wrote of my intentions in their wedding card, and they were excited about working with me on this portrait of their home in Detroit.

Cobb Manor House Portrait

This lovely abode once was a residence of Ty Cobb, so they have dubbed it ‘Cobb Manor’.  Working from photographs, and discussing possible color schemes and seasons, above is the final result- a fall portrait, complete with chrysanthemums and pumpkins. It’s just 8 x 10 on canvas, I framed it in a black floating frame, but neglected to get a photo of it before presenting it to them. I hope I did the home justice!

Commission a House Portrait

Looking for a unique gift? In love with your own home? I can work from your photos or take a road trip, within a 30 minute drive of  Clinton Michigan, to take my own photo studies and paint an original house  portrait for you. Contact me for more information and discuss pricing.

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