Jungle Theme Nursery ~ I’m not Lion

Baby number two is on the way for one of my favorite clients. Not due until October, Baby Boy to be will have the sweetest jungle theme nursery. His Dad showed me all of the fun decor that his mom plans on decorating the room with. I was happy to provide a bit of artwork on the walls to complete the look.

jungle theme nursery Cartoon Lion


First up was this adorable cartoon lion, sitting in the grass. What little boy wouldn’t love to have his own lion guarding him while he sleeps?


junglenursery2 Shady Tree

I painted this lovely shade tree in the opposite corner, creating a calming backdrop for baby to be rocked off to sleep. Any parent would love to rock a sweet little baby boy here.

All of the greens match those in the crib bedding. Mom and Dad found some colorful artwork to adorn other walls, and baby’s name will be mounted over the crib. I can imagine this new baby growing up loving this room for a number of years. I know his brother really likes his basketball room.

It was a delight to see how much baby number one has grown- he’s two now. This little guy is so full of energy, so excited and full of joy, and I fully enjoyed listening to him and his Dad while I worked. Smartest kid ever, he is already learning his numbers and letters! I’m sure number two son will be just as awesome for such great people.

Ellen Leigh   

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