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The Gift

When I am painting and using this amazing gift I’ve been given, time and place are suspended and I enter the creative state. It feels as though God takes my mind and my hand and creates through me. When the work is finished, and it has been signed with both my name and my gratitude, I feel as though I have won the race, achieved the summit, on top of the world. And what a blessed feeling that is.

Way back when I was just a little girl, playing with my very first paint set, I dreamed of growing up to be an artist. I was blessed with this gift, a creative mind- a way of seeing things as they could be, not just as they are. Of observing the world around me and being able to capture it on canvas. It’s a gift to be able to listen to someone’s desires and combine just the right colors and brushstrokes to make them a reality.

I would love to sit down with you and listen to your dreams for your artwork and create something as individual as you are. My brushes and paints are ready.

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