Helen Keller quote about optimism on digital artwork by Ellen Leigh

Nice Notes

Making sure all of my clients love the work I did for them is very important to me, but not everyone puts it in writing. I love my work, and I’m so glad others do too. So here are just a few of the nice notes people have sent me.


A favorite tree from the owner's memories of Puerto Rico, the Flamboyan Tree. Nursery wall mural with scenery and the couple on their motorcycle. Mural by Ellen Leigh


Everyone is in love with the mural but no one more than Zory and I. We continue to enter the room again and again to take another look at the painting. You are a true artist and have captured every bit and much more of what Zory and I could have expected and hoped for. Thank you for everything and I hope you had fun as well exploring a couple of things you had not painted before. We will keep you informed about the baby and his eventual birth. Once again thank you for everything.

Satisfied customers

Tony and Zory Ricco”


Cartoonish park scene in a day care center. Mural by Ellen Leigh

“Wow!!! We are speechless. Thanks for everything; you are a gift from God. We are so glad our paths crossed. We will see you soon.


Chuck and Debbie Hayes”


Cartoon Monkeys and coconut trees. Mural by Ellen Leigh

“Hi Ellen. Didn’t get home from my council meeting until almost 11. Checked out the art work first thing. Wow! and amazing! Thank you very much. I cant wait to see the girls’ reaction. I just love it and cant thank you enough. Take care. K”