Signage and murals for commercial spaces by Michigan muralist, Ellen Leigh

Commercial Spaces

A selection of murals in commercial spaces such as day care facilities, medical facilities, restaurants, church and more. Murals can make any commercial space much more comfortable and inviting. Click on any of the photos to view them in slide show format. See below the gallery for a few more ideas.

A mural can add some real personality to any commercial space making it more welcoming and certainly unique.

  • Think about a design utilizing the company name,  logo and slogan, or a famous quote or two to inspire your employees.
  • If your company has regular visitors, a mural can create an atmosphere unique to your service or shopping experience.
  • A peaceful outdoor mural in a medical or dental facility can be very calming to apprehensive patients.
  • Welcome people with a mural right in your vestibule to set the tone.
  • Friendly and fun cartoons create just the right look for any child centered business.
  • A mural depicting a far off location sets the atmosphere in any theme restaurant.
  • Original artwork for your business can also be provided on canvas for flexibility and mobility to a new location.
  • A series of coordinated works can be commissioned to create a cohesive look throughout the space.

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