Designer wall finishes by Michigan artist, Ellen Leigh

Designer Finishes

Soft faded glazed warmth, intricate stenciling, shimmery glows, rustic aged patinas, custom lettering.  Click on any of the photos below to view them in slideshow format.

A designer finish, also known as a ‘faux finish’ can do so much more for a space than mere wall covering. The possibilities are endless in creating a look that is completely unique and can coordinate with any color scheme. Plus, there is the added advantage that most can be easily and simply painted over when redecorating the space, while wall covering is expensive to remove and can cause damage to the underlying wall.

  • A troweled plaster effect can disguise walls that have seen a lot of living, and perhaps are heavily patched.
  • Color washing creates the soft ethereal look of aged plaster. ‘Cracks’ can even be hand painted to enhance the look.
  • Brick or stone give weight to a more rustic space without the dust of an actual installation.
  • Many different materials can be simulated, trim can be painted to match- marble, granite, wood, tile, stone.
  • Combining techniques and layering glazes gives a depth and beauty to walls impossible to achieve with wall covering or plain paint.

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