Distressed table and chairs with decorative flowers, an example of other surfaces painted by Ellen Leigh

Other Surfaces

Furniture, cabinetry, small decorative items- these are just a few of the other surfaces that can be beautified with paint for your decor. Below are just a few examples of some very decorative items. Click on any to view a slideshow. Scroll down below the gallery for a few more ideas.

Around here, if it doesn’t move fast enough, it gets painted. Here’s a list of ideas, the possibilities are almost endless with the right combination of products. Nearly any surface can be painted.

  • Antiques with finishes so damaged by neglect they are nearly worthless can get a beautiful facelift to become a valued accent piece.
  • Basic utility items like trays, folding chairs or tables can get a dressed up look.
  • Have your switch plate and outlet covers painted to match your granite or stone wall.
  • Match those ceiling medallions to your chandelier, or accented to coordinate with the wall finish.tt
  • An eclectic collection of furniture and accessories can be painted for a coordinated look.
  • New furniture can be distressed and glazed to look ancient.
  • Existing wood cabinetry in sound shape can be over-glazed for a more updated look, or a unique look.

Details and more photos can be seen by searching the archives, the search bar or category drop-down list for blog posts. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions, and set up a consultation to discuss your project.