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A Slice of Paradise~feels like home

Three Quarter Pi Farm

With all of the spring like weather we’ve been having lately here on Three Quarter Pi Farm, it feels like a slice of paradise here. We’ve been getting out on the property to get a head start on some of the work that needs to be done this spring. It’s almost time to start some seeds down under the grow lights, and trees, shrubs and plants have been ordered. We have tons of plans for this place that finally feels like home.
So, we’ve started another blog- just for the farm. In it we’ll catalog  projects we’re working on, how things are growing, hobbies we enjoy in our life here on the farm, and new interests. Here’s a link to the blog:

Three Quarter Pi Farm~A Slice of Paradise

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We are slowly getting things done on the inside of our new home, I have plans for at least one mural, plus some interesting ideas for the stairway down to my studio. We are on the schedule for a complete bathroom remodel  by one of the local companies as well. Later in the summer after the gardens are well started, we’ll probably tackle the ‘Art Gallery Wall’ we plan for one end of the living room, installing some display shelves for Al’s pottery along with lighting and display space for paintings above.

On the business side, I’ve joined the Chamber of Commerce for some business connections here and have gotten involved in the Clinton Art Center- I’ll be showing some work there soon. The high school has invited me to mentor some students painting a large mural for city hall, so I’m also looking forward to that!

Ellen Leigh   

'Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint on it you can!'

2 thoughts on “A Slice of Paradise~feels like home

  1. Oh Ellen, I can hear the joy in your voice from your writing. How wonderful to find the home of your dreams and start the life you always wanted. Dale and I look forward to coming to see Three Quarter Farm. We love you both!

    1. It is awesome out here, that’s for sure! You let us know when you are able to come out, we’d love to have you!

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