invisible tile repair by Ellen Leigh

Ooooops! Invisible Tile Repair

Dang. Referred to me by a long time client, a local woman had a bit of a problem. Her generally handy hubby had hung a piece of art on the wall in the bath, but it fell off and damaged the lovely stone look edge tile. Although the home was fairly new, a replacement tile just wasn’t available. So, he patched it up as best he could, and gave it a nice smooth finish, but it was beyond his abilities to make it disappear. She called me to see if I could do an invisible tile repair for her.

Oooops. invisible tile repair by Ellen Leigh needed

Of course I had to go assess the situation ahead of time, but making this go away was certainly within my capabilities. I arrived on the scheduled day with my box of tricks in hand, set to work and abracadabra, presto-change-o, this little boo-boo went bye-bye.

invisible tile repair by Ellen Leigh


Cool, eh? I love how just by layering the right color of paints and glazes I can create something that looks like the original material for a nearly invisible repair. Tile, marble, granite, wall covering, I can usually make it close enough so that no-one will notice the damaged spot at all.

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