Hand painted wall murals by Michigan artist, Ellen Leigh

Murals in Homes

View a cross section of murals in homes, from small accents to large scenes in various rooms. Each is personalized for the family they are painted for, containing favorite items, pets, pastimes and dates in many instances. Click on any to view them in a slideshow.

Here are some general ideas of just what can be achieved by adding a mural to any space:

The addresses in a fictitious town can be anniversaries, birth dates of family members, even the family pet. Business names can reflect the hobbies and favorite places of the family. Remember that first date, or a childhood memory.

Family activities, collections, history, favorite foods, books, and pets can all be included as part of a mural painted to look like a piece of furniture, adding charm, dimension and personality to any room.

Small, windowless powder rooms gain a perceived sense of space with the addition of a ‘window’ mural. Imagine a view to absolutely anywhere, a tropical beach, the mountains, the desert, the golf course, or your own backyard.

Plain doors can be disguised with artwork to make them a decorative accent, adding tremendous personality to any room.

The walls in any space can be transformed to resemble bricks, stone or stucco to transport the viewer to another place and time.

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